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Design & Concept

Sankara is a Sanskrit word derived from the element of “sham” means auspicious or lucky, and “kara” means maker. Some interpret is as ‘Sang Kala’ which means the signal of life. Sankara is symbolized by a conch which heaves tranquilizing sounds when blown. In Balinese tradition the conch is used in purification ritual for its power to neutralize any negative energy and creates peaceful ambiance. In the epic story of Mahabharata it is said that Lord Krisna used the conch to mark the beginning and the end of the war.

The villas are artfully designed in Balinese architecture, highlighting natural finished teak woods and natural stones. Guests will immediately feel wrapped by the warmth of the textures and colors of nature; slates, tiles, smooth unpainted woods, soft homespun and fabrics, flowers and foliage.

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