• Sankara Ubud Resort
  • Sankara Ubud Resort


“Welcome to our home”

Everyone is welcomed as family and friend.

The resort is owned by a local business owner and managed by one of the best local Balinese managements: the Pramana Experience who is known for their value of preserving the local heritage in every state of hospitality business they manage. It was designed with most thoughtful consideration to ensure the perfect cover of local community, religious rituals and employee recruitment. Each building is built accordance to the natural contour of the landscape conserving every rare tree in the premises. One of the key elements of the management’s value is practicing the Balinese concept of a balance harmony principle known as Tri Hita Karana, a local philosophy that has become the cultural identity and fundamental life order of the Balinese. It is essentially incorporating the business flows with spirituality, social engagement and respect towards Mother Nature.

The resort delivers its service in genuine Balinese value of “Tat Twam Asi”, presents hearty works that creates peaceful atmosphere where everyone is treating others like how they would love to be treated.

To accommodate every discerning traveler, The Sankara Resort offers 1 unit two bedroom pool villa, 4 units private villa – a one bedroom pool villa, 8 units deluxe pool villa, and 16 units deluxe room.